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HGD’s Mission Statement

The people of Hurricane Garage doors – Our mission is to work to meet the needs of homeowners, architects & builders, pushing innovative ways and opportunities in every job. Known for creating elegant projects and for providing reliable products as well as peace of mind to our Clients. As the employer of choice and an investor in people and their innate skills. This commitment, combined with an extensive sales and service network and a warranty assures total customer satisfaction on every garage door purchase, protecting families is our purpose — and our promise


“Our vision is to build a business where it doesn't matter how they want to shop. We will do more than help customers, our associates will make a difference. Looking forward to assist, Florida's creative professionals and consumers.

We will compete with technology, but we will win with technologically empowered people. Creating the most attractive company, making shopping with us easier and more pleasant.

A customer-focused company; a place where people can come to find and discover the best hurricane protection for their home or business


We are integrating a diverse, inclusive gender ethnic and elite team, creating a unique customer experience. HGD’s restless spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is always building up an amazing reputation in the market.

Employee 1

Jay Torres

Jay Torres, CEO is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the construction, customer service, and sales industries. He manages the company's projects, Jay has outstanding executive knowledge in advertising, and He was raised in South Florida.

His success in the industry required the ability to possess both, an overview and a laser-sharp focus on even the smallest details; And those are traits he has brought with him to Hurricane Garage Doors, a great support team leader, and his biggest motivation was building the leading garage doors and window company in the region. These skills are equally vital when designing and developing hurricane structures.

As the CEO, Jay is responsible for managing all company’s services, including estimating, scheduling, budget preparation, distribution of documents to potential subcontract bidders, employee onboarding, training programs, and business development. and the supervision of the costs of the general conditions. When it comes to making teams, Jay is the greatest.

Jay's commitment to communication, consistency, and excellence ensures projects are completed on time. These traits earned him the respect and admiration of not only those he works with. But also the countless clients who have experienced his dedication over the years. . He will always go that extra mile to make sure His customers are happy.

Employee 2

Jennifer Zuluaga

For an assemblage to operate efficiently, a great deal of organization and coordination is required.

At Hurricane Garage doors, Jennifer owns and manages the company’s administrative efforts, facilitating and paying contractors and partners. She also provides much-needed support to senior management, and other team members on a variety of projects.

Jennifer has served in a variety of roles within the construction administration industry. The background and expertise gained throughout the years prepared Jennifer for her current position as the CEO and Owner of Hurricane Garage Doors.

Jennifer in addition to overlooking the company’s day-to-day operations. She is heavily involved with consulting vendors, contracts and construction accounting, and client relations. Her knowledge and skill set, paired with a clear approach & solid virtues, as well as the commitment to providing great experiences for both HGD and clients, Jennifer is an amazing resource for all who work with her and an essential part of the company’s leadership team.

Employee 3

Alex Torres
Vice President

Alex Torres is an Adaptable & Flexible family man on the rise. He was born in South Florida, Alex Pursuing a Commercial flying career as his passion. But an expert in the garage door industry in the Southeastern Florida region.

Growing up in a construction firm, where he worked alongside many of the industry’s top architects and engineers even before starting his own life he was already part of the industry.

Now, as the son of an architectural, construction, and design firm that bears his values, Alex utilizes the lessons learned along the way to provide customers with spectacular and exceptional services.

Alex brought His approach and has expanded upon it, with Him Hurricane Garage Doors, where He has been an integral member of the team for all of his years of life 

He is responsible for coordinating and executing all aspects of architectural management, from the sales phase to the construction phase and beyond.

His knowledge and skill set, paired with a positive attitude, solid virtues, and dedication to providing excellent experiences for both Hurricane Garage Doors and clients,  Alex is a tremendous resource for all who work with him and an integral part of the company’s leadership team.

These traits are evident to all who work with Alex throughout the process, and he also takes tremendous pride in training and mentoring his team members at Hurricane Garage Doors, ensuring the best possible results at all times.

Employee 4

Erik Torres
Sales Director

You could say that construction is in Erik’s blood. In fact, both his brother and sister Are custom-door builders, and Erik remembers watching and working alongside both from a very young age. Erik knew all along that he, too, would pursue a profession in the industry and still feels a particular connection to the generations who came before Him and made the way possible.

Now, as the COO of an architectural, construction and design company, he utilizes the lessons learned along the way to deliver customers with astonishing end products & extraordinary experiences — from conception to execution.

With extensive knowledge in all phases of construction including research, planning, technology, architecture, and building, Erik has a natural and real understanding of what is required to truly deliver a client’s dream home.

He is also in charge of providing final approval on all projects, ensuring that all customer's expectations are exceeded and the Hurricane Garage Door’s signature standard is met.

Employee 8

Paola Vasquez

Paola, raised in South Florida, brings a diverse background to her role, as a Logistics Coordinator for all projects. She earned managing, communication, and training skills, which only elevated her natural ability to detect details, and master how they can be utilized or improved to enhance the project as a whole.

It is that attention to detail that separates Hurricane Garage doors from other builders. Paola also has vast experience in the administrative sector, allowing her to incorporate ingenious tools and solutions into the company’s development, and deliver great practice for both the team and customers.

Paola’s primary responsibilities include controlling logistics and planning; negotiating contracts; and providing dependable and clear communication with customers, designers, and contractors. This ensures all projects remain on schedule and within budget


Team Image

"Hurricane Garage Doors" Story

"Hurricane Garage Doors" is based in Southeast Florida and provides a range of commercial and residential solutions for hurricane protection. The company specializes in structural high tech complex designs.

From installing new or removing aging systems

HGD has made a name for itself for infrastructure support.

A family-owned business operated by the husband and wife, a team of Jay and Jenny, now celebrating 2 decades in the marketplace. Most of our work is from referrals, and every one of them calls us personally. We continue growing every year by hiring a workforce so we have a great diverse team including men and women.

Our workers are well aware of our reputation and they work smart to maintain our quality so we can continue to attract work today. The company's high-quality tools keep the construction workers safe and the job done well.

There are no surprises with us, that is why we had clients for so many years. Our president has 20 years experience in this industry. He is dedicated to upholding our company values and delivering the greatest possible experience. He stands for his business and his family, providing knowledge to make sure everyone is safe. 

The Firm’s services include installing, upgrading, maintaining, and repairing various types of hurricane protection.

Our goal is to mentor and train professionals in the protection industry, strongly believing that a culture of mutual appreciation drives better results for our customers, and that’s our achievement.

Employee 10



Employee 11

Cristian Cortes
Field Sales

“Getting the sale” using various customer sales methods. Forecasting sales, developing “out of the box” sales strategies/models and evaluating their effectiveness. Evaluating customers skills, building productive long lasting relationships.

Employee 12

Dennis Molano
Field Operations

He Oversees multiple branches of the office, ensuring that operations run smoothly. They lead the planning, onboarding, actions, and quality assurance processes. A Field operations manager also makes sure targets are achieved.

Employee 13

Adriel Fariñas

Install, service, or repair doors for residential or commercial customers. He can install interior or exterior doors, or automatic doors with mechanical or hydraulic components. Qualifications vary, but he is often available at HGD.

Employee 14

William Ortas
Master Installer

A Master Installer a certified professional holding a certificate by examination or a certificate in the category of Master Installer.

The purpose of this position is to ensure work site set up, perform routine door installations and removal, performs work site tear down of the entire job site in accordance with the renewal by the south florida building code.

Employee 15

Gustavo Flores

Travels to customers' homes or places of business, installing Hurricane Garage Doors, troubleshooting problems with existing equipment, testing connections, providing user instructions to customers, and cleaning up after the job is complete.

Employee 16

Yoandri Abreu
Master Installation Helper

An skilled employee who is responsible for observing equipment and machinery to verify their efficient and safe operations this helper is required to assist before and after all the master’s installations.

Employee 17

Frank Clark

Responsible for assisting construction workers to carry out a variety of tasks such as tidying up work areas, unloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and executing other tasks as assigned.


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