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Hurricane Garage Doors for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

Miami and the surrounding areas are in a location that is the envy of many across the world. But there’s a responsibility that comes with living in one of the world’s greatest regions - hurricane proofing buildings.

From the beginning of June to the end of October, Southern Floridians prepare for one of the worst of natural disasters. Any given year, Miami has a 16% chance to experience a hurricane, making it the highest possibility for any US city. Protection against hurricanes begin with reinforcing your garage door.

Know your Hurricane Risk

Risk varies depending on your location, but it’s important to understand the potential threat to your home from hurricanes. Hazards arising from hurricanes often include: storm surge/tide, heavy rainfall, flooding, high damaging winds, and rip currents. All of which are threats to homes that aren’t properly equipped to handle them.

What is a High Velocity Hurricane Zone?

Encompassing the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) is a specific geographical area that has special building codes outlined by the Florida Building Code. Part of those codes require all garage doors to meet the large missile impact rating regardless if there are any windows present on the garage door.

What is an Impact Garage Door?

Commonly referred to as either a hurricane rated garage door, impact-resistant, or wind resistant, impact garage doors are designed to endure tropical storms and other high-wind storms.

Garage doors are the biggest entrance to a home. This means they have the largest opening, and are a risk lead to property damage. This makes garages one of the most important factors in a structure as it relates to your hurricane protection plan. As a matter of fact, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) noted that the loss of a garage door is one of the major factors contributing to hurricane storm damage in homes. A little damage goes a long way as only one inch of floodwater can cause $7,800 or more worth of damage.

The risk of having an open garage door or one that isn’t up to code can be catastrophic. Studies have shown garage door failures contribute to blowouts of homes due to the combination of high internal pressure and suction pressure.

Determine your WindCode Rating

Clopay garage doors are given a WindCode “W” rating based on three factors: wind speed (MPH), home exposure, and home structural type. To help determine the WindCode rating needed to support the home, there’s a 4 step process: Hurricane FL Map

Step 1: Determine your area’s minimum wind speed

  • Being located in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, garage doors are required to meet the large missile impact rating.


Step 2: Determine your exposure zone

  • Exposure B: is defined as urban and suburban areas, wooded areas or other terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions
  • Exposure C: is defined as open terrain with scattered obstructions including flat open ground and grasslands. All of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties is Exposure C, unless it meets Exposure D definition.
  • Exposure D: is defined as being within 600 feet of the ocean front or other large body of water measuring at least 5,000 feet across.


Step 3: Determine the structural type of your home

  • There are different requirements depending on how many stories it has (one-story, two-story, etc.) and the cardinal direction the home faces.


Note: Indicated in the table below, pressures can be positive or negative. A positive wind pressure is a wind load that pushes the door into the house where a negative wind pressure is a wind load that pulls the door away from the home.

Step 4: Find your required design pressure and WindCode rating

  • Using the chart below find the type of your home structure and the wind code


For help determining your WindCode rating, feel free to use this calculator.

Hurricane Rated Garage Doors

Specifically tested to withstand 150% of the designed pressure, our 11 Miami-Dade county garage door products approvals [DO1] meet or exceed Florida’s hurricane rated garage door requirements. Protection doesn’t mean you sacrifice curb appeal. We have a variety of styles, colors, and material to get you the garage door that fits your personality and budget.

Canyon Ridge Louver

A versatile door that offers a shutter style appearance yet classic look, the Canyon Ridge Louver  could be the perfect addition to your modern farmhouse or coastal getaway. Constructed using polyurethane insulation, 2 layers of steel, and composite overlay, it has the strength necessary to outfit any southern Florida home.

Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer)

A dedication to old style swinging doors often seen on stables or estate homes, our Canyon Ridge Carriage House Garage Doors radiates southern charm. With a distinctive textured faux wood and naturally stained wood appearance, the door is a perfect rendition of its (less technologically advanced) predecessor.

Featuring a portfolio of various styles, colors, and window options, the Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer) is a striking addition to any home and offer the hurricane protection South Floridians need.

Canyon Ridge Modern Series

A garage door that features elements of contemporary architecture, partnering clean lines with a mid-century aesthetic. The Canyon Ridge Modern Series bolsters a realistic composite overlay that provides a sleek wooden appeal.

Like all Canyon Ridge products, this one is no different. Built to withstand Southern Florida’s notoriously harsh storm winds and hurricanes.

Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4-Layer)

On the corner of beauty and protection, with a distinct look that will sure turn eyes, the Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4-Layer) combines the natural look of wood on a steel surface without sacrificing the functionality needed in Southern Florida.

Offering a variety of material design, color options, and window options you can completely customize the look of the garage door to fit your style.


Elegance that meets practicality. The Coachman is a carriage house door is crafted with multiple layers of steel and insulation, but has the soft touch of a wood appearance. Outfitted with Clopay’s Intellicore, a polyurethane foam injected into the garage door and filling the entire structure, it provide superior hurricane protection. This leaves you with a strong yet durable garage door for those Florida storms.

The Coachman has custom designs available starting with 4 different series options, a handful of colors, and many window options.

Gallery Collection

A unique pairing of steel construction with the look of wood, the Gallery Steel Garage Doors feature a vintage aesthetic with a grooved panel design, decorative windows, and various color choices. It offers another option for carriage style garage door, yet meets the Florida Business Code requirements. These doors keep your home safe and looks good doing it.

Grand Harbor

Do you love the look of the carriage house design, but are limited by budget? The Grand Harbor Garage Doors is the perfect trifecta: budget friendly, low maintenance, and beautiful curb appeal. This triple threat is another in the long line of our Clopay garage doors designed to withstand the worst of storms in Florida.

Modern Steel Collection

Simple, strong, and durable. The Modern Steel Garage Doors complement contemporary and mid-century style homes. Subtle beauty with low maintenance.

Available in 3, 2, or 1-layer steel and insulation construction, the steel skins are protected by a tough and layered coating system. They are reinforced and protect against high wind load applications. Reliability and convenience are at your fingertips with the Modern Steel Collection.


Constructed with aluminum and glass panels, lending a clean and modern aesthetic to any home. Our Avante garage doors are a popular addition to modern homes. You have options, with an aluminum frame that comes in clear, bronze, or black to compliment your style. Plus, high impact rated window options to keep your belongings and family safe during Florida storms.


A new product offered by Clopay which combines the traditional symmetry of wood stile and rail door designs. Featuring Intellicore insulation, Bridgeport is truly a smart choice for any homeowner.

Bridgeport’s features customizable styles, colors, and windows making it a unique option for any home. Florida homeowners stay safe and secure behind the proven durability of Clopay’s three-layer steel construction.

Reserve Wood Limited Edition

Handcrafted insulated wood carriage house design combining historical charm and character with modern technology. The Reserve Wood Limited Edition garage doors is a long-lasting option that provides curb appeal, durability, and energy efficiency.

The Reserve Wood Limited Edition is built using 4 or 5 layers of wood harvested from sustainable and naturally fallen forestry. Since these doors are Florida Building Code approved, have confidence in this garage door’s ability to withstand Miami weather.

Upgrade to a Hurricane Rated Garage Door

There’s a reason our name is Hurricane Garage Door, we have the products needed to protect you, your family, or your business against some of the worst hurricanes imaginable.

Contact us today to upgrade your garage door and be ready for any weather that threatens the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.