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Buying Guide to Modern Garage Doors in South Florida

A garage door is one of the most important features in your home.

It’s not just a convenient place to store your car. It’s an asset that can enhance the value of your home. With the right door, it provides comfort, convenience and security for you and your family.

The Importance of the Garage Door for the Home

While we all love to use the garage as quick and easy storage, this can also make it a security risk, as thieves will target damaged and broken garage doors for easy access to valuables. It is also the largest entrance to the home. A good garage door can increase the security and safety of the home, while a broken or poorly-fitted door is a security risk for you and your family.

It is also the most noticeable feature on the front of your home, and it is critical to enhancing and optimizing curb appeal. A broken or damaged door can bring down the value of the home, while a gorgeous, beautiful modern garage door can revitalize the look and increase the resale value.

In this guide, we’ll cover the information you need to know on modern garage doors, and the questions you should answer before picking out a new garage door in south Florida. We’re doing the critical research for you, and assembling the answers to help you find the best possible modern garage door for your home.

What is a Modern Garage Door?

Modern architecture relies on form rather than embellishment. It relies on solid structure and materials rather than flamboyant and extraneous construction elements. Modern design reflects rationality and efficiency instead of ornamentation and fantasy. It also provides one of the hottest home trends in South Florida, the modern garage door.

Clean lines, simple design, and classic construction with a variety of materials are hallmarks of the modern garage door. There is a lot to love when it comes to modern garage doors. Today, they have become increasingly popular with buyers in South Florida. The appeal is obvious to homeowners looking to enhance the look of their home.

Rather than changing the simple aesthetic and functionality of the overhead door, modern garage doors streamlined design and a variety of building materials and neutral colors like beige, gray and black to make a visual impact with the garage door. You sacrifice none of the convenience or security for your door, but still get the curb appeal and look you want.

Construction Elements for Modern Garage Doors

For homeowners, the construction and building materials becomes a design tool for a modern garage door. Many modern garage doors combine classic building materials with modern design elements like vertical windows, industrial design elements, flushed panels and glass.  

Let’s take a look at a few of the building material and construction elements you can find in a modern garage door.

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Glass and Glass Aluminum Modern Garage Doors

Glass and windows are an important element in modern garage doors. Glass can accentuate the overall design of the door, or can be used a building element. They allow the warmth of modern light into the garage, with clean, simple lines. Aluminum frames are often used in the door, and provide a sustainable option since it can be recycled. Frosted glass can provide the striking look for the door without sacrificing the privacy that homeowners want.

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Steel Modern Garage Doors

Steel has become a standard building material for garage doors. It is durable and strong, without the expense or maintenance needs of other materials. It is the perfect material for the extreme weather we see in South Florida. The adaptability of steel makes it a great base for your modern garage door. The right design can even deliver an industrial aesthetic for the garage door, providing a lower cost option for homeowners.

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Wood and Wood Composite Garage Doors

Many homeowners associate wooden garage doors with classic designs like the carriage house door, however, many of the hottest modern garage doors also utilize wood or faux wood. Faux wood, or wood composite, is made from a mix of plastic, a wood fiber and a binding element. It provides the look and feel or real wood without the maintenance and cost. The rich texture and gorgeous colors of wood and wood composite give the clean design and aesthetic of modern garage doors an edge.

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Selecting a Modern Garage Door

Once you’ve decided it’s time for a new door, you’ll need to make a few decisions. It helps to start the process by answering a few simple questions. These answers will help guide you in selecting the best door for your home. Let’s get started:

1.What’s your budget for the project?

The sky is the limit when updating your home. Start by determining the upper and lower limit for your new garage door budget. Don’t set it too low, because you may end up buying a low-quality door from a less-reputable company, leaving you with a door that you quickly come to regret. Find a budget that you can be comfortable with. Remember, you may have options for financing, so talk to the supplier before making a purchase.

2.What are your requirements for a new garage door?

Before diving too deeply into the options out there, it’s a good idea to make a list of your requirements for a new door. Decide what the priorities are for your purchase, and your personal goals for the door. Are you looking for a durable, long-lasting door that will require minimal maintenance? Maybe you want a door that can survive extreme weather, or one that offers better insulation? It could also be the look or design of the door that drives your decision. Make a list of your requirements.

3.What features do you not want in a new garage door?

Just as there are features that you want in a new door, there may also be features that you want to avoid. Decide if there is anything that you know you don’t want. Sometimes this could be a color or a design. It could also be a material, or even a maintenance need. Take a few minutes to list out these features, as they will have an impact on your final decision.

4.What would you like to have in a new garage door?

Finally, take the time to decide what other features or items that you’d like to have in a new garage door. For example, maybe it is better security, or maybe it is a convenience like fewer maintenance requirements. It could also be something as simple as a bold color. These features may not be your top priority, but they can help you as you narrow your decision between doors.

Updating Your Home with a New Garage Door

Are you ready to select a new modern garage door for your home? Hurricane makes it easy to get started. We’ve assembled a gallery of some of the latest home garage door projects in South Florida. We also hire experts in the field and provide them the training and information they need to experts in their field for our customers.

If you’re thinking of a new garage door, or have questions about any of the information presented here, then contact Hurricane Garage Doors today.